Most LinkedIn users amongst Working Population - August 2019

The Netherlands still number one!

Over the past year, LinkedIn has grown in all European Countries.

Same as last year, the Netherlands still have the most accounts compared to the working population. That means that The Netherlands are still ahead of all the other European Countries.

Belgium and France swapped places and Sweden kicked Norway out of the top 10.

LinkedIn Accounts Versus Working Population - Europe - August 2019

Interesting to see are the big differences per country. Where there are countries with over70% penetration there are also countries that do not even reach 10% (Russia and Belarus) but that number is slowly dying out. In Russia, LinkedIn is officially not available, but the internationally focussed working population in Russia knows how to use VPN.

Users amongst Working Population

LinkedIn Accounts per European Countries over the past year

When we look at the number of accounts over a longer period, there seems to have been a drop in the number of accounts for a lot of countries  in April 2019 compared to march 2019.

LinkedIn has taken a lot of actions against fake accounts, so we think that is the reason why the numbers were corrected.


The table is interactive, so you can sort on the different columns.

Penetration amongst European Countries over time

Also interesting to see is the growth percentage per country of the working population present on LinkedIn. As you will see for yourself, the top 4 is quite stable. But e.g. when you have a look at Germany you can see that LinkedIn is growing fast and Germany is passing several countries, like Macedonia and Bulgaria.

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