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Fastest growing countries on LinkedIn in Europe - August 2019

Germany and France are catching up with the rest of Western Europe.

When we look at the data we have regarding the number of LinkedIn accounts in Europe over the past twelve months, we see some surprising outcomes.

Smaller countries like Andorra (77.000 habitants) and Montenegro (629.000 habitants) are really stepping up.

Poland has been on my radar for a longer time, because I see a lot interesting LinkedIn experts over there sharing interesting stuff. So their efforts as ambassadors are really working with a growth of more than 16%.

Germany, is finally getting rid of the dominance of Xing and is getting a serious market for LinkedIn.

What’s remarkable in this overview is that Russia is growing with more than 15%. In Russia, LinkedIn is officially blocked because the data of Russian users is not stored in Russia.

Growth in Europe over the past year

Based on the data we used for this research, it is clear that LinkedIn has a steady growth.

In Europe the total number of LinkedIn accounts has grown over the past 12 months with 10.9% to123,681,149 (over 123 million accounts.

Total LinkedIn accounts in Europe

  • Total users

Fun fact

In Europe there are 23 new accounts created on LinkedIn every minute.

That means 33,204 each day!

LinkedIn users per European Country over the past year

In this table you will find the raw data. So you can see what the data of your country is compared to other countries.

The table is interactive, so you can sort on the different columns.


How this data is compiled:

We measured in Sales Navigator on 7 different months for the past year.

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