Content marketing and branding with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an ideal business market (B2B) platform to reach your target group, whether your message is about branding, content marketing or lead generation.

With over 645 million users worldwide and 7.5 million users in the Netherlands (82% of the workforce), there is a good chance that your target group will also be present on this network.

But how do you ensure that your message is shown to your target group? How do you make sure your organisation and employees present the right image to the outside world? How do you make your employees ambassadors for your organisation, making sure they appeal to new employees and customers?

LinkedIn, when applied correctly, offers many options for positioning your organisation and conveying your message.

We offer an optimized package of training and services for content
marketing and branding with LinkedIn.

Employer Branding

Your employees are your best calling card. External parties and people love your organisation because of the people who work there. That’s why they like to go there, want to work there or buy your products or services. But how do your employees present themselves on LinkedIn?

Based on the successful PEAS model, we have developed a training course that enables your employees to become ambassadors for your organisation. Within a couple of hours, they will learn how to profile themselves, how to make the right connections, and what information they need to share.

Company Page

The Company Page plays an important role in the areas of branding, linking your employees and in content marketing.

The company page is not as complex as a website, but at least as important, which is why it is good to assess this element with one of our experts.


Advertising on LinkedIn can help you to focus your message better. You can deliver your message in an unobtrusive and highly effective manner.

We offer several services in the area of LinkedIn Advertising.

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