How many LinkedIn users are there in Germany. How much do they share?
How does this relate to the working population?

How many people change jobs, how many new accounts are created on a day?

What are the biggest companies in Germany on LinkedIn?

A lot of interesting stats en facts about the LinkedIn usage in Germany.

LinkedIn usage data and statistics for Germany - August 2019

Facts about Germany:


Number of habitants: 82,438,639 people

(according to World of Meters)


Capital: Berlin


Working population: 43,473,204 people.


In Germany there are 8,958,317 registered LinkedIn accounts. That means that 20.6% of the working population has a LinkedIn account.


Germany ranks number 28 in the relative usage over 44 European countries.


Over the past year, the number of LinkedIn users in Germany has grown with 14.5%.

LinkedIn member accounts in Germany

Absolute number of users

This graph shows the absolute number of registered members on LinkedIn for Germany.

Users VS Working population

This graph shows how much percent of the working population for Germany has a LinkedIn profile.

People have a LinkedIn profile in Germany.
20.6 %
of the working population has a LinkedIn profile in Germany.


According to LinkedIn data, 20.6% of the working population has a profile on LinkedIn in Germany.

10.9% of the total population has a profile on LinkedIn.

Economic graph

Germany has a working population of 43,473,204 people. 20.6% of them have a profile on LinkedIn.

4.2% of the people works in Information Technology and Services. 4.% works in Automotive and 1.6% has a job in Marketing and Advertising.

Information Technology and Services


Marketing and Advertising

The most occurring functions in Germany are:


Function Group


% of members

Business Development 745,723 8.3%
Operations 600,969 6.7%
Sales 489,345 5.5%


According to LinkedIn data, on average there are 455 job changes a day on LinkedIn in Germany.

Growth numbers for Germany

The LinkedIn population of Germany has grown over the past year with 14.5%.


Looking over the past three months there has been a growth of 5.1%.


Over the past year, there were 94,321 new members each month.


Meaning 21,766 per week, 3,101 per day, 129 per hour.


If Germany continues to grow at this speed, they will have 10,090,166 members by August 2020.


Germany ranks number 7 in Europe for growth.


Over the past year, there were 3,101 new accounts created on LinkedIn per day in Germany.


In last 3 months there were 1,691 new accounts created per day in Germany.

Active posting on LinkedIn

In Germany there are on average 222 updates posted per hour, 5,317 per day, 37,322 per week and 161,729 per month.


That means that 1.9% of the LinkedIn users in Germany actually posted an update on LinkedIn in August.


Germany ranks number 22 in Europe for active posting.

Active posting over time


In Germany there are 5,317 updates posted every day.


That equals 222 updates an hour.


And 3.7 updates a minute.


We have no data about the numbers of articles, likes and comments. This number only represents the times people create a new post on LinkedIn.

Biggest Employers on LinkedIn


Daimler AG

24,304 Employees on LinkedIn



37,800 Employees on LinkedIn


BMW Group

18,240 Employees on LinkedIn

Company Pages

In Germany there are 607,033 registered Company Pages.


In August 2018 there were 1,032,523 registered Company Pages.

Number of registered Company Pages

Industry Percentage
Information Technology and Services 2.3%
Automotive 2.%
Internet .9%

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