Social Selling with LinkedIn - Basic+ for sales

When your sales team is active in a Business to Business (B2B) environment, LinkedIn is the ideal platform to generate your leads.


With over 645 million users worldwide, there is a good chance that your target group will also be present on this network.


But how do you use LinkedIn to let your sales team generate leads themselves? How do your salespeople present themselves and is this clear and convincing enough for your target group? How do they make the connection with their target group, and how do they convince the target group to make an appointment?


You can achieve all of that with LinkedIn. It can serve as a customer magnet and lead generator.


When using LinkedIn for Sales, the basics must be perfect. The profiles must be aimed at the target group, the network must be expanded with relevant connections, and the organisation’s content must be shared in the right way.


Ultimately, this must also yield something; in other words, it should lead to appointments and sales!


To achieve this, we have set up a training course that is aligned with this.

Setup of the training

Profiling - make your profile a client magnet

P – Profiling, how do you create an optimised profile that is found by the right target group, and that gives the right first impression?

A good sales profile is written with the target group in mind. It contains a catchy headline, a summary that shows what the company and this employee can do for a new customer, with a Call-to-Action, a professional photo and the right keywords.

A good sales profile works as a customer magnet.
All important components are discussed, and the newly gained knowledge is applied immediately.

Expanding the network and reach

E – Expand your reach, how do you ensure contacting the right people, and creating your reach as a consequence?

LinkedIn has an extensive search function to find the right people. We teach the participants how the search engine works, how to properly invite people, and how to handle invitations.

We also show which groups are interesting and how they deliver added value.

Add value by sharing the right content

A – Adding value, making sure you add value to your network by sharing interesting items and by interacting with others.

Your organisation has all kinds of information that your sales team can share on LinkedIn. How do they find this information, and what is the best way to share it?

How do you interact, and how do you present yourself as an authority in your field?


S – Success/Sell, this is the final, most important step. It is a natural consequence of the three previous steps.

How do you make use of the above to realise appointments? How do you fit LinkedIn into your daily work without having to spend the whole day on these activities? How will it ultimately yield returns?

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Each training course is customised to your specific needs. We take into account your organisation, your target group and your ultimate objective.


These training courses can be delivered both in-company and via webinar software. The latter is a very convenient solution when your participants are based in different geographic locations.


    This training:

    • teaches the participants exactly how LinkedIn works and what opportunities it has to offer;
    • teaches the participants how to present themselves optimally and shows them how to convert their profile into a customer magnet;
    • helps the participants to build a qualitative and strong network;
    • actively helps the participants to start expanding their reach;
    • teaches the participants how knowledge is shared;
    • teaches the participants which knowledge they can share to strengthen the organisation;
    • teaches the participants how they can use LinkedIn as a lead generation tool;
    • makes the participants aware of the value of their network;
    • teaches the participants how they can get value from LinkedIn for their daily activities;
    • teaches the participants how to get the attention of the target group.

    Our quality is in our service!

    All our trainings include:


    • Custom, actual, training materials

    • Extensive reference book

    • 1 year free Helpdesk

    • Progress Reporting

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    Groups trained
    10000 +
    People trained
    10 +
    Countries visited for trainings

    Follow-up options

    Sales Navigator Training

    As a follow-up to the Basic+ Sales training, we teach the salespeople who are responsible for bringing in new customers and projects how LinkedIn Sales Navigator can generate added value.

    LinkedIn’s number one premium package (our favourite).

    Lead generatin with advertising

    LinkedIn advertising offers many opportunities to generate leads. It directly appeals to the target group, with relevant content and offers. Measurable and verifiable.

    We can set up a complete lead generation programme for you.

    Most experienced LinkedIn trainings agency in Europe

    We know the tricks of the trade. We have provided training to thousands of people in Europe. Always with positive result and exceeding the expectations.

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