Most Job Changes on LinkedIn in Europe - August 2019

Scandinavia rules in job hopping!

People change jobs from time to time.

The following table shows us in which European country there were the most job changes over the past 12 months on LinkedIn.

A job change is created on LinkedIn every time a user adds something to their working experience. So when people go from being unemployed to getting a job and vice versa, there is a job change. When people get a promotion or new job title at their current employer, they also create a job change. And of course when people change to another employer.

What’s remarkable in this overview is that the most job changes took place in Scandinavian countries. We have no explanation for that. If you do have an explanation, please leave it in the comments below this post!

Most job changes in April

Based on the data we used for this research, it is clear that most people don’t change jobs during holidays and vacations.

In August and December, more people stand to their current job and more employers do not hire new people.

Total job changes per month

Fun fact

In October in the UK there where 4.982 job changes a day!

In total there were 151,551 job changes in the UK in October. That was more than the total number of LinkedIn accounts in Iceland.

Job changes per European Countrie over the past year

In this table you will find the raw data. So you can see what the data of your country is compared to other countries.

Even in Vatican City, people change jobs.

The table is interactive, so you can sort on the different columns.

How this data is compiled:

We measured in Sales Navigator on 5 different months for the past year, the number of people that changed jobs for the preceding three months. Then we divided that number by 3.

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