Your LinkedIn advertising agency - because LinkedIn is unlike your social media

LinkedIn is the perfect business market (B2B) platform to convey your message to your target group. Whether it’s about branding, content marketing or lead generation.


With over 645 million professional users worldwide, there is a good chance that your target group will also be present on this network.

For many companies, Social Advertising (on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) and online advertising (Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing) are no longer unknown territory.

LinkedIn Advertising is a very different kind of advertising, but it is rapidly gaining popularity.

"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion and your decisions are not grounded."

The effective running of campaigns on LinkedIn requires specific knowledge.

  • Knowledge of the platform itself;
  • Knowledge of advertising opportunities;
  • Knowledge of determining the right target group for your message;
  • Knowledge of how to correctly deliver your message;
  • Continuous monitoring of the effect and results.


We possess this knowledge and the relevant tools, and we can apply it to your benefit.

Advertising on LinkedIn can be a very effective way to bring your message to the attention of your target group. The delivery is ideally timed and measurable.

Expensive, or just the opposite?

When the campaigns, target group and objectives are well defined, advertising on LinkedIn is no more expensive than other advertising options, such as Affiliate marketing, Google Ads, Facebooks ads. We believe (and have data to prove it) that the Return on Investment (ROI) on LinkedIn is higher.

Example scenarios - what LinkedIn advertising can do for you

Organising an event

Suppose you are organising an event to which you want to invite specific people (paid or unpaid access).

We can reach this target group through LinkedIn advertising and inform them through a sponsored update, with booking a ticket as a Call-To-Action.

Accessible and very effective.

Appointments for your account managers (leads)

You present your offer with all the benefits through various ads among your target group.

The ads lead to a special landing page where, once again, the benefits are highlighted, and people are convinced that they want an appointment with one of your account managers.

They fill in an appointment form, and you can send your account managers on the road!

Information requests or downloads on your site (leads)

If you have a white paper or information package that potential buyers can download by entering their details, we can promote this through advertising.

Sales of products and services (sales)

Whether you sell air conditioning systems or training courses, your offering can easily be brought to the attention through advertising. Our monitoring tools precisely show which purchase is the result of which ad and what this deal has cost.

Conditions for successful advertising on LinkedIn

Conditions for success

First of all, you need a clear B2B target group. The more specific, the better, to make sure that the ad better matches the target group.

You must have a sufficient budget to show the ads to the right target group. A minimum daily budget of €100 is recommended.

You will also need good creatives (text and images) that will be used as ads.

This material should appeal to the target group, enticing them to click on it; it should also match the message that you want to convey. We recommend multiple versions of the same ad to determine, using A/B testing and data, which ads work best.

Subsequently, the website or landing page to which the ad(s) refers must be in line with the ad, and it must appeal to the target group. The offer must match the expectation created by the ad. The website or landing page must have a clear and easy to use Call to Action.

And last but not least, it should offer insight into certain data. You need to be able to judge which ads perform best on LinkedIn (click-through rate, CTR) and which ads lead to the most conversions on your website/landing page.

Advertising on LinkedIn can be a very profitable strategy.
It enables a targeted distribution of your message to the right target group in the timeline.


Put the management and monitoring of your campaigns entirely in the hands of our experts. Increase your conversion and reduce your costs.

24/7 monitoring and a clear overview of relevant information in your dashboard.

Options start at €500 a month.

TestDRIVE – try it now

The TestDRIVE allows you to experience in six weeks what LinkedIn advertising can do for your organisation.

We take over all your advertising activities, but you will have complete control and insight.

A TestDRIVE costs €2500 and can generate op to 800 clicks to your website.

Lead Generation

LinkedIn advertising offers a lot of opportunities for lead generation. It directly appeals to the target group, with relevant content and offers. It is measurable, verifiable and manageable.

We can set up a complete lead generation programme for you.

Free consult or review?

Free telephone consultation

If you have any questions about advertising and want to know whether it suits your organisations, we are happy to schedule a free telephone or Skype consultation with you.

Prior to the consult, we will analyse your organisation, offer and target group, making sure we are well-prepared to assist you.

    Free campaign review

    If you are already running advertising campaigns on LinkedIn but are unsure whether you are doing well in terms of targeting and budgeting, we will offer you a free review.

    We look at how you have arranged everything and where there’s room for improvements.

      Why should you want to work with us?

      Reason 1: Because LinkedIn has been our speciality and passion for years. We know LinkedIn and its possibilities like no other agency.

      Reason 2: LinkedIn is different from social media such as Facebook and Instagram. It differs in terms of opportunities, purpose and target group. We don’t consider LinkedIn a social medium, but rather a serious business tool. It requires a different approach.

      Reason 3: With us, advertising is all about measurable results. We do not focus on views or likes; we concentrate on traceable results such as information requests, leads and even sales.

      Reason 4: We love to play with data!