Using Advertising for Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Advertising to generate targeted leads is a must for Social Selling with LinkedIn.

Targeted focus on your message

The promoted post is a very popular form of advertising. This is an update that appears in the timeline of a target group that you have indicated. Each click leads to your website or the landing page where your specific offer is highlighted.

LeadGen forms

The LeadGen form is an innovative form of advertising. People who are interested in your ad can click on a contact or download button that is located directly below your ad. When they click on this button, their LinkedIn contact details are completed in the form, but you can also define additional fields. LinkedIn will send you this information, enabling you to contact the Lead directly.

Benefits of advertising on LinkedIn

Targeted advertising

Thanks to the very specific and detailed targeting, we bring your offer to the attention of the right target group. This means that every click is potentially valuable.

A/B testing

By showing multiple variations of your ad to the same target group, we can perform A/B testing and optimise your campaigns.

It ensures that the best-performing ads are shown more often.

Complete control

By measuring results real-time, we keep a close eye on your budget and the ROI.

It allows us to follow exactly which ad leads to which transaction.

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