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LinkedIn is an excellent platform for the business market (B2B) to reach new customers (leads, new business, acquisition) and to strengthen the relationship with existing customers (upselling, retaining).


With more than 645 million professional users worldwide, there is a good chance that your (new) customer will also be present on this network.


How do you ensure that your salespeople can find these customers and that these customers can also find them or your organisation? And once they’ve found each other, how do we turn that into a fruitful relationship?


LinkedIn, when applied correctly, offers many options for generating leads and new business.

We offer an optimized package of training and services for
sales and leads with LinkedIn

Training Basic+ Sales with LinkedIn

The standard LinkedIn version (not premium) allows users to make great strides in Social Selling.

We have used the successful PEAS model to develop a training course that teaches your sales staff in just a couple of hours how they should present themselves, how they can connect with the right people and what information they need to share to generate new leads.

Sales Navigator Customised Training

The follow-up training for the Basic+ Sales training course teaches the sales employees who are responsible for generating new leads and projects how the LinkedIn Sales Navigator can offer added value.

LinkedIn’s number one premium package (our favourite).

Using Advertising for Lead Generation

LinkedIn advertising offers a lot of opportunities for lead generation. It directly appeals to the target group, with relevant content and offers. It is measurable, verifiable and manageable.

We can set up a complete lead generation programme for you.

Most experienced LinkedIn trainings agency in Europe

We know the tricks of the trade. We have provided training to thousands of people in Europe. Always with positive result and exceeding the expectations.

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16.000 +
trained and inspired
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visited for trainings

Social selling case study


In 2016, the SuperOffice Dutch sales team hired Jan Willem Alphenaar to train and educate them in the art of social selling.

Prior to the training, social media was used to share marketing content from branded profiles. But, they knew that if used correctly, social could be a powerful lead generator. During the training, Jan Willem shared strategies on what type of content to post online, how often and how to use social media to target prospects and turn connections into leads.

Of course, social selling is a long term sales strategy, but during the last several months, we’re starting to see some fantastic results, including:

  • Stronger alignment between sales and marketing
  • 61% increase in visits from social media channels to our websites
  • An increase from 1,000 impressions to 50,000 impressions to our branded profiles
  • 168% increase in business leads from social media channels

More importantly, we’ve seen a 24% increase in new business revenue.