Try out the possibilities of advertising on LinkedIn with our TestDRIVE

Many organisations wonder whether advertising on LinkedIn is effective.


Setting up and organising campaigns is a fairly complex process. What will it cost, how should you set it up, what form should you choose, what should you pay per click? How do you keep an overview?


These are all frequently asked questions that we can answer.

Try it!

To make the effect of advertising on your organisation more tangible, we can offer you a test drive. This offers you a controlled experience of what LinkedIn advertising can mean for your organisation. We arrange everything for you, making every step fully insightful.


You can start a TestDRIVE for only €2500.


The TestDRIVE does not require you to have any knowledge about advertising on LinkedIn. We will take complete care of everything but will show you the results in real-time. Every LinkedIn activity focusses on results.


How does it work?

When you submit a request for a TestDRIVE, we will contact you by telephone to discuss the whole matter. Prior to the meeting, we will perform an analysis of your website, proposition and business page on LinkedIn.

During our conversation, we will discuss the campaign’s objectives and options. We will also discuss, in detail, the target group you want to reach with this campaign.

When we reach agreements on the terms, we will need access to your LinkedIn company page and your Google Analytics. We will also ask you to provide the materials that we will use for the ads.

When we have all these data and materials, we will set up the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. We will also adjust certain settings in Google Analytics and set up a dashboard for you.

We will then publish the ads, and you can use the dashboard to monitor the results (24/7).

After two weeks, we will determine which ads score best in terms of conversion and will optimise the campaign based on that information.

After six weeks, the TestDRIVE is completed and we will deliver our final report.

"Without data, it's nothing more than an opinion."

What does the €2500 buy you?

  • €1500 advertising budget
  • Approximately 700 targeted clicks to your website or a landing page – either leads or sales.
  • If one in ten converts, this means 70 serious leads or sales!
  • A campaign duration of 4 to 6 weeks
  • The possibility to deliver 4 to 8 ads
  • Up to two destination pages (e.g. for two products or services)
  • The Netherlands/Belgium as the target group
  • One optimisation round
  • Daily monitoring
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Basic dashboard with LinkedIn and Google Analytics targets
  • Final report

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