Sales Navigator training - The number one tool for Social Selling in a B2B environment

In our view, Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s flagship. The tool is specifically designed for searching, finding and contacting leads in a B2B environment.

Sales Navigator is a fantastic tool with many features. In fact, the tool has so many features that, after installing a trial account, a lot of people don’t go beyond the advanced search.

In fact, Sales Navigator is a complex tool that requires some knowledge to use it optimally. Given that Sales Navigator is a fairly expensive tool, it is a waste of money if good training is not provided.

We have already supported more than 50 implementations of Sales Navigator in the Netherlands and abroad, and we know the tool’s possibilities and pitfalls like no other.

More than buttons and functions

When we say possibilities, we are not just talking about all the buttons in the Sales Navigator. This tool can provide great added value to your sales process. It can help you contact the right people and bring them to the table. To do this, we will help you to set up Sales Navigator, making sure it matches your existing sales process.

No more cold calling

Aside from legislation, cold calling is a frustrating activity. The person you want to talk to doesn’t answer, or the call is intercepted by the receptionist before you can even start talking about your offer. In many cases, you’re looking for the wrong persons.

The Sales Navigator can help you map out the entire Decision-Making Unit (DMU) that is relevant for your organization. This method immediately tells you who you ultimately need to approach.

Learn more about the possibilities of Sales Navigator?

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