Sales en leads – Social Selling with LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers many opportunities for generating leads and supporting your sales activities.

Social Selling means using social media to motivate potential customers to choose you, your organization, products or services.

Even the standard LinkedIn options (the free version) will enable you to make great strides.

Every employee can be a customer magnet

When your employees’ profiles are set up well and customer-oriented, they can act as a magnet, attracting customers. Potentials customers will find your employees through the LinkedIn search engine, when searching for the right solutions.

A good profile on LinkedIn is Findable, Understandable, Trustworthy and Convertible.

Targeted network expansion

Your sales employees can use advanced searches to easily find the right contacts within organizations. When those contacts are properly invited, the quality of your network grows.

Knowledge to generate interest

Sales employees with a high-quality network can add value by sharing the right content, and informing (potential) customers about what you have to offer as an organization.

Take the next step with Sales Navigator

When you are ready to progress, have your sales employees who are responsible for bringing in new business trained in the use of the premium Sales Navigator service.

How can we help you?

We know LinkedIn’s tooling and options like no other. Our LinkedIn trainer has trained more than 400 organizations, about the use of LinkedIn, and has supported over 50 implementations of Sales Navigator in Europe. We always provide in-company sessions, tailormade for your specific situation.

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