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DIY or Outsourcing?

Sure, you can monitor everything yourself, in LinkedIn with the Campaign Manager, and on Google Analytics. You can build, or have someone build, a dashboard where these data are presented. But even then, you will need to interpret the data correctly and take appropriate action. This activity is time-consuming and requires knowledge. Outsourcing can be an interesting and appealing solution, especially if you use an agency that is dedicated to LinkedIn and data, and also knows marketing and sales.

Let our expertise work for you!

We are mad about LinkedIn and data, and we love creating data connections. We have a dashboard for our customers that we use to link data from different systems, ranging from LinkedIn Ads to Google Analytics, from Downloads to WooCommerce, to name but a few examples. We can trace every action from a site visitor back to a specific ad. This allows us to calculate the ROI per ad in detail, but also immediately shows us which ads perform and convert well, and which don’t. We look for connections. A poorly performing ad (the number of clicks relative to the number of views) can also be a well-converting ad (the number of actions on the site). We will monitor this, as well as a lot of other information, ready to react immediately.


What does outsourcing your LinkedIn advertising include?

When outsourcing Advertising on LinkedIn, we take control of the LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

This means that we create the campaigns and the ads (based on materials supplied by you), engage the audiences (target groups to which the ad is shown) and set the budgets.

We will also be monitoring all activities 24/7. How is the conversion doing, which ads score well, are you reaching the right target group, etc. If necessary, we can intervene and adjust the ads, audiences and budgets.

What do we do?


When you outsource your advertising to us, we take care of all difficult and technical matters.

  • We create the campaigns in LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager;
  • We compose the ads based on the materials you supply;
  • We set up the right audiences for the ads;
  • We create different versions of the ads for A/B testing;
  • We give each ad a unique link (UTM code) so that clicks in Google Analytics can be monitored;
  • We set the budgets per period, per day and per click;
  • We optimise the bids during the campaigns;
  • We create a dashboard where you can follow everything at a glance;
  • We monitor progress 24/7 and intervene if necessary (according to the agreements made);
  • We will report regularly to you.


What don't we do?

We are not a web design or graphic design agency. This means that we do not create websites and landing pages for you.

Nor do we design graphics for ads and or write blogs.

We can, however, provide directions and tips to you or your external supplier.

What do you have to do?

Unfortunately for you, outsourcing does not mean that you do not have to do anything at all. There are several things that we cannot do for you.

  • You have to make there is an advertising budget;
  • You have to make sure there is a webpage or landing page to which the ads refer;
  • You have to make sure we receive images and texts that we can use to create the ads;
  • You follow all the developments and results in a transparent and clear dashboard.

What are the other benefits?

You don’t have to check every day if everything is going well.


You don’t have to test which ads do and do not work well.


You don’t have to worry about budget overruns.


You don’t have to keep learning about new developments and changes.


You can focus on your normal duties.


You have a true expert at work for you, even when you’re off the clock.


You don’t have to create reports or research and merge information from different sources.

What suits you best?

We offer two standard options for outsourcing your LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

Outsourcing Starter

Extremely suitable for small businesses with an advertising budget of up to €2000 per month.

External management costs: €500 per month.

This option includes:

  • One or two campaigns
  • Op to eight different ad options
  • One or two destination pages
  • Customised dashboard with LinkedIn, Google Ads and one additional connector
  • Biweekly optimisation
  • Biweekly reports
  • Daily monitoring

Minimum duration: six months.


This does not include the one-off start-up costs of €1000 for setting up LinkedIn, Google Analytics and the Dashboard.

Outsourcing Premium

Extremely suitable for large businesses, governmental institutes and larger organisations with an advertising budget of €3000 per month or more.

External management costs: €1200 per month (up to €6000 advertising budget, after that 20% of your monthly advertising budget).

This option includes:

  • Up to five different campaigns
  • Up to twenty different ad options
  • Up to five destination pages
  • Tailormade dashboard with LinkedIn, Google Ads and additional connectors
  • Weekly optimisation
  • Weekly reports
  • 24/7 monitoring

Minimum duration: six months.


This does not include the one-off start-up costs of €1500 for setting up LinkedIn, Google Analytics and the Dashboard.


Outsourcing Starter

Suitable for B2B organisations with an advertising budget of up to € 2000 per month.

Outsourcing for €500 per month.

Outsourcing Premium

Suitable for advertising budgets from €3000 per month.

Starting at €1200 per month (up to €6000 advertising budget, after that 20% of your monthly advertising budget) fully outsourced.

Includes extensive dashboard and weekly reports.

24/7 monitoring.

TestDRIVE - try now

The six-week TestDRIVE option lets you experience what LinkedIn advertising can do for your organisation.

We take over all your advertising tasks, but you will have complete control and insight.

A TestDRIVE costs €2500 (including €1500 advertising budget) and can generate up to 800 clicks to your website or leads.

"Without data, it's nothing more than an opinion."