Organization Analysis

  • How is your organization doing regarding its LinkedIn use?
  • Can LinkedIn deliver added value for your organization?
  • Can LinkedIn support your organization to achieve sales targets?
  • How is your target audience represented on LinkedIn?
  • How are your competitors performing on LinkedIn?
  • Are you using LinkedIn correctly?

All these questions are relevant in many organizations. Next Business Academy will be happy to help you to answer these questions. We provide answers through a large study using our LinkedIn tools. We apply the same method to periodically map out the use of LinkedIn in 44 European countries.

How is your organization doing in terms of LinkedIn use?


We provide a detailed analysis, plus a recommendation report. The analysis will consist of the following components:

  • How is your organization represented on LinkedIn?
  • Company page
  • Profiles of employees
  • How active is your organization?
  • Sharing content
  • Engagement
  • What is the status of the competition?
  • How large is the potential?
  • How well is your target audience represented?
  • Are you reaching the right people and organizations?
  • What opportunities are you missing?

All this is incorporated in a recommendation report with the following content:

  • How can the proper use of LinkedIn and the associated tools benefit you?
  • The market mapped out:
  • Your total market (described and substantiated with figures)
  • By country or region, if desired
  • Your position in this
  • Most important competitors and their online position
  • Step-by-step plan
  • Improving the positioning of your company page
  • Profiles plan with recommendations for the employees
  • Content plan
  • Training recommendations

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