Doing business internationally using LinkedIn

If your organization is already doing business abroad, or if you are considering or researching this option, LinkedIn combined with Sales Navigator is the ideal tool.

With over 610 million users worldwide in more than 200 regions, LinkedIn gives you the possibilities to chart the market and shows you the right points of entry.

Countries like Russia, China and parts of the Middle East are the exceptions, because LinkedIn is used significantly less in those regions, with the exception of parties that operate internationally. So, even in those countries, LinkedIn could be the way in for your enterprise. We will gladly look this up for you beforehand.


With LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, you can find the right way in and establish contacts yourself. These tools provide you with an overview of the organizational structure of your potential business partners or customers. LinkedIn’s tooling such as Sales Navigator and a well-established and coordinated content strategy, enhanced by advertising, enable you to apply targeted and measurable Account Based Marketing and Account Based Sales.

How can we help you?

We know LinkedIn’s tooling and options like no other. We can help you to explore the market using directed market research. Based on this, we can recommend a content strategy focused on your target audience.

We can then train your organization to use LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and the advertising possibilities, with just one objective: making you successful.

Our offer depends on what you want, the urgency and your budget. We will take your requirements and create a customized solution.

If you are interested in the opportunities, please complete the form below so we can call you for a free telephone or skype intake session.