Training Basic LinkedIn Skills

You are familiar with LinkedIn and you know how to use it, but your organization is lacking the knowledge required to actually create value using LinkedIn.

Based on the successful PEAS© model, the Basic Skills training teaches your employees all the secrets of LinkedIn.

Every training is tailored to your specific wishes, taking into account your organization, your target audience and your objective.

The training is always set up with the following structure:

A LinkedIn profile is often the first impression visitors get of your employees. A good profile is findable, understandable and trustworthy.
Extend your reach
Expanding your network is key. How do you find the right people and groups, and how do you effectively connect with them?
Add value
Share valuable content for your network. Learn the best way to share information, and how to make sure the message is received.
When all the right elements are in place, success is the logical result. It comes in the form of new customers, career moves, new staff, etc.

This training provides you with all kinds of tips and tricks about how LinkedIn can be used in every day practice.

How can we help you?

We know LinkedIn’s tooling and options like no other. Our LinkedIn trainer has trained more than 400 organizations, in a range of industries and in various countries, about the use of LinkedIn.

We always provide in-company training sessions, tailormade for your specific situation.

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